5 of the Cutest Cards from Baby to Dad this Father’s Day

I’ve been looking absolutely everywhere for some non-cheesy but still super cute Father’s Day cards and it’s so hard to find nice ones. A first Father’s Day is kind of special so I really wanted to get something we’d want to keep instead of popping in the recycling! I figured that surely I can’t be the only one having this problem...right?

So far, the best places for cards I found was Etsy and Not On The High Street as they seem to have more modern, fun designs instead of the usual photo mashup/ personalised name stuff.
For now, I’ve put together a (hopefully) helpful list of a few favourite card ideas I loved for a first Father’s Day...

Fathers Day Card with Hand Print

I loved this idea on Etsy for a first Father’s Day card. It’s a “no mess” kit with non-toxic inkless wipes, a window card, two special print papers that change colour when the hand or foot is pressed to it. If your baby is younger than 6 months and their hand hasn’t yet uncurled then you can take a footprint instead. This kit is available from Etsy here .

First Fathers Day Card

I really like the trend for cut out cards and this one with its personalised message and cool typography is definitely nice enough to keep or frame. You can personalise the last two lines with your baby’s name and the name they call their dad! It’s eco-friendly and made in the UK too. You can get it here from Not On The High Street .

Father's Day Card
Pineapples are everywhere right now and if Daddy is a bit of a hipster he’ll love this design by Hole In My Pocket. It obviously doesn’t have to be a first Father’s Day either. I found this one on Not On The High Street too.

Hmmm… really not sure if anyone could make spit up look sexy but this one did make me laugh. If you’re a lot better at drawing than me you could probably even make this yourself… if not you can find it here.

Ok this one is an idea that I saw on Etsy and thought it was brilliant, especially if you have a polaroid camera or lots of pics already stashed somewhere. This book is called “I Love My Daddy Because” and you can get it here . It’s a kids book with illustrated pictures of animals throughout. You can just stick your own images in the book instead, wherever it fits with the text. Clever, right? Even I could manage to do this (if I can avoid sticking my fingers together with
glue) and it’s insanely sweet!

Now I’ve got the cards sorted, last minute hunt for pressies is on. What sites have great stuff for guys that isn’t socks/wallets/hankeys?!!!! Help please! Also, let us know what your Father’s Day cards look like and @matchstick_monkey on Instagram! We’d love to see!