5 Healthy Teething Solutions for Your Baby

Today I wanted to write about a few healthy teething solutions for your baby that I’ve tried and tested with my kids! When your baby is teething, most mums would probably do just about anything to help their little ones through the pain. We want to try and give you some healthy teething tips that you may not have come across yet.

Breast Milk Lollies

Ok, don’t all squeeze at once! I remember when someone first told me about this idea. My first reaction was “ewwwww” but after pondering it for a while, I came around to the idea! If your baby is still breast feeding, why not make a mini breast milk lolly? The cold will help numb the pain and it provides a satisfying cooling effect to the sore area of the gum. What could be more natural than that?

Breast Milk for Healthy Teething
Sugar Free Baby Biscuits

If you’re not 100% certain about how healthy shop bought rusks are, that’s ok as you can easily make your own. It’s also cheaper than buying them, so if you have the time then it’s worth it! Here’s one I have that makes 12 biscuits. I don’t have the exact measurements but I use a cup.

Pre-heat your oven to 180C

Mix two cups of flour and pinch of baking powder in a bowl and then add one egg and some fruit puree and mix together to form a dough. Add more flour if the mixture is too sticky.

Pop some grease-proof paper onto a baking tray.

Break off pieces around the size of a conker. Roll it into thick sausage shapes and put them on the baking tray. Press down on the shapes with your finger so the shape flattens (this makes it easier to hold).

If you want, dust the top with a flavour like ginger, cinnamon, orange zest or even parmesan for a savoury taste.

Bake for around 30/40 minutes until they’re light brown and hard to touch.

Allow to cool for at least an hour so the biscuits go nice and hard.

The best texture I find is a very hard biscuit that dissolves slowly as it’s sucked or chewed. Not crumbly enough for a bit to break off.

Safe Teething Toys

Whatever you give your baby to chew to ease teething pain, you should make sure it’s CE certified, BPA free and made of food grade silicone. We all know that kids love to put all different kinds of things in their mouths, especially things they’re not supposed to (like your hair, jewelery and clothing mainly)! However, they will generally forget these things if they have something that’s made especially with them in mind.

Teethers with holes in can breed germs where they can’t be seen or cleaned so try and pick one that’s not hollow and is hole free. Also, look out for the latest safety testing as some teethers were tested before the latest safety rules came into force. Matchstick Monkey is obviously my first choice as it’s made specially for you and your baby, to the highest safety standards.

Frozen Washcloths

Frozen washcloths carried around in a ziplock bag are great for teething associated fevers. Wet and freeze a cotton washcloth, freeze for a couple of hours and you’re ready to go. They’re good to chew on and cooling for the face too.

Frozen Fruit

Pack some squished fruit into a baby feeder and stick it in the freezer for a few hours. I like to use strawberries, banana and kiwi. You could even try adding a dollop of natural yoghurt in there to make a slightly more ice cream like texture.

It’s a super easy, healthy solution to teething pain when your baby is hungry. They’re also good for if you’re out eating at a restaurant and need something to help keep your baby occupied! You might want to employ the use of a bib to counter the inevitable dribbling!

You can find frozen food feeder ideas here. There are silicone ones and mesh ones but still, make sure they’re CE certified and BPA free.

Healthy Fruit for Teething

If you’ve got fail safe and healthy remedies for teething, I’d love to hear about it! Tag us in your Instagram feed or send us a message and let us know!