4 of the Best Baby Shower Themes With a Difference

If you’re holding a baby shower, why not make it extra fun by incorporating a theme? If you’re anything like me, I’m not amazing at planning parties so if there’s a theme I find it a lot easier to get inspired! At Matchstick Monkey HQ, we talk about lots of baby related things - as you can imagine! This week we had a bit of a brainstorm session and came up with (what we think are) 4 of the best baby shower themes…

Seasonal Baby Shower

Throw your baby shower in the theme of the season the baby due date is. Right now it’s Autumn which is a great theme for inspiration!

Candy Toffee Apples

Some ideas include:

  • Fireworks (they’re always fun anyway).
    ● Autumn stacks like roasted chestnuts, toffee apples and ginger cake.
    ● Collect some conkers from the foot of your nearest horse chestnut tree, get some string
    and play conker wars.
    ● Autumnal decor with pumpkins, fallen leaf wreaths, pine cones and yellow, orange and
    gold coloured bunting.
    ● Trick or treat party bags for everyone containing a selection of sweets.
    ● Display food treats using thick, cut off trunks or branches as cake stands.

Bad Mom’s Baby Shower

Like the film “Bad Moms” suggests, In a world where it’s easy to become obsessed with being the “perfect parent” (there really is no such thing!), this theme is a tongue in cheek way to poke fun at the pressure we often put ourselves under as parents!

Mum Baby Shower Friends

Some ideas include:

  • Contraceptive themed decorations like condom balloons.
    ● Cupcakes will a flat, painkiller shaped icing topper.
    ● Games like “throw the ring on the bottle of booze” using full or empty bottles of alcohol
    and a frisbee with a hole in it.
    ● Get pizza delivery for the snacks
    ● Make everyone come to the party wearing one item of clothing backwards
    ● Print some images of people’s faces out in the throes of concentration (cut out and show
    ONLY their face) and do a “labour or porn” quiz.

Competitive Baby Shower

This is for all those active mum’s and dad’s out there who are already looking forward to winning the parents race on school sports day.

Some ideas include:

  • Spray paint baby feeding bottles gold, silver and bronze to award as competition prizes
    on the day.
    ● Use the colour theme of their favourite sports team or sporting event for decorations.
    ● If you can get hold of a basket ball ring (or a blow up one for inside), see how many
    guests can throw a toy baby doll toy through the ring from a set distance. You could
    adapt this to several sports. What about playing baby tennis or baby penalties with the
    toy doll?
    ● Get some yellow and red napkins and use them as penalty flags.

Animal Themed Baby Shower

What’s just as cute as babies? Baby animals! If the parents are animal lovers, why not theme the shower around their favourite animal or animals? This is the cutest theme of all!

Animal Cupcakes

Some ideas include:

  • Hold a quiz where guests match baby animals to their baby names (cub = lion, calf =
    cow, pup = seal etc..) with prizes for the fastest answers.
  •  Do a “baby food or pet food” game by getting blindfolded guests to smell food and guess
    if it’s for a baby or a pet (don’t eat it though)!
  • Give toy dog bones as prizes.
  • Serve cupcakes, cakes or biscuits themed as cute animals (we love the sloth pretzels on pinterest!).
  • Get guests decorate plain white baby onesies as different animals, using non toxic fabric
    paints, crayons and markers.
  • Serve hot dogs for savoury snacks.

We’d love to hear your ideas for amazing baby showers! Tag us on Instagram @matchstick_monkey and tell us!