4 Cute and Romantic Valentine’s Day Suggestions for Parents

Valentine’s Day suggestions for parents? Ahh yes, becoming a parent can kill off many romantic activities and sometimes, even feelings of romance! This day of lovers can pass many of us by with a simple card and a peck on the cheek.

This is absolutely fine and we’re not complaining, we love our children, but it’s ok to admit you miss the nights visiting restaurants for romantic dinners, going to the cinema, seeing gigs and concerts and all the other things you could do at a moments notice before becoming parents!

So, we bring to parents everywhere a few suggestions to keep the romance alive this Valentine’s Day.

Film Buffs

Ideally, you’ll be able to get someone to babysit so you can get tickets for the latest release at your fanciest local cinema theatre. But let’s be realistic. It’s one of the busiest days of the year for babysitters. Even if your parents are your regular go-to babysitters, they might have plans of their own!

So, if you’re staying in - why not make it special. Luckily, you can create a cinema experience at home. Not just whacking Netflix on TV - we’re thinking of something a bit more “wow”.

Invest in a proper retractable projector screen and a projector. Projectors aren’t cheap, but they’ll last for years. And think of all the money you’ll be saving on cinema tickets!

You might need an adaptor cable to plug a projector into your laptop so check you have all essential parts before the big night. For your projector screen, go as big as you can get away with. I’m not talking big TV size… small cinema size is the way to go.

Complete the experience with a bowl of popcorn and a homemade cocktail if you’re feeling really fancy.


If you’re not a great cook and if you live somewhere that doesn’t have amazing takeaway options (the struggle is real out in the country) - how about this...

Do you have a favourite restaurant that’s close to you - or somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit but haven’t had a chance? Pop in to have a word with one of the staff before Valentine’s day. They may be willing to make you some food from the menu and package it up to take out. If they’re willing - make a pre-order for 7:30pm on the 14th and pick up your order to take home.

Tip: To make the experience even more authentic, set the table, light some candles and put on some music. Also, don’t choose food that doesn’t do well on transit in a takeaway box. Anything fried tends to go a bit soggy!

Book the day off work

If it’s not too late, try and book the day off work for you and for your partner - in secret if possible! Imagine waking up in the morning and telling your significant other that instead of going to work, you’ll be taking them to a favourite spot for lunch or heading off for a spa day! If your kids are at nursery, you’ll have the day with just the two of you. If you have a smaller baby, bring them with you.

If you’re both working, it’s unlikely you’ll get to spend much time together in the day. At the weekends, all the kids are home - so getting a few daylight hours in with your loved one can be extra special.

If it’s too late to organise anything with work, you can always plan in advance for next year!

A box of dates

Although it’s a good excuse, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day of the year for romance. The Box of Dates from Not On The High Street is a fab idea if you want to introduce more regular quality time together.

You can even get a version that’s colour coded by dates so it’s really easy to plan ahead and get babysitters if you need to. There are suggestions for staying in and going out, as well as evenings and day time date ideas so you can be flexible!

If you’re coming up to your first year wedding anniversary - paper - then this could also be a great gift idea!